Feeling tired, stressed, foggy-brained or just not well?

Let us help you fix it.

6 Day Detox Info Meeting – 4th August @ 7:30 p.m.

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Feeling run down and exhausted is not the way we are supposed to be. Give your body a boost and a little love to get you back to feeling energized and clear headed using our BodyLove Week program. Find out why you may feel the way you do and how you can fix it AND stay feeling great.
In our meeting you will learn about the real possible causes of different issues afflicting most people today.
We offer you our successful 6 Day Detox program (BodyLove Week) that will help you clear the cobwebs, get you focused and energized. A slow masticating juicer (like an Omega 800 series) and a blender/mixer is required to prepare the recipes as you will make all your own foods at home. (don’t be scared, its an easy prep)
If you have never done a detox cleanse before and want to join the BodyLove Week, this meeting is a prerequisite. You will receive a lot of information that will help even if you decide not partake in the BodyLove Week. There will be plenty of take-home tips.
This is an informational meeting only. The actual Detox will be done as a group and start Friday August 11th.
Based on the principals of the Hippocrates Health Institute, you will help your body nourish & heal and be amazed at the results. We have a great private support group that will help you through, as well as a meal plan and guide and instructional videos to show you how easy it is to prep our own food. 

The package contains:

  1. 6 Day Meal Plan & Guide ($69)
  2. Organic produce required for the detox (except olive oil & some common spices) (Prices vary w/market  $200-$240)
  3. Prepping mind/body information prior to the detox
  4. Food prepping tips
  5. Access to our Private Facebook Group


What’s the scoop?

Look at the image on the left:  I gained muscle, increased the % of water in my body. Fat % went down only 1%. However, I lost 6lbs in 6 days! Releasing toxins stored in my fat cells. Just think about that. Most diets you lose muscle & water weight.

This is not a weight loss program, it is a detox program. The side effect is that you will lose weight and its mostly toxins that are being stored in your fat cells. Sign up and learn more about this at our detox info meeting. 

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I did great! Lost 5.5 lbs and felt good overall. I did get a bit tired at the end of the day, but I was also working everyday! Lol I started this morning with green juice and having a kale salad for lunch. I want to keep coasting along with this as a guideline and add back in eggs, etc. I highly recommend this detox to anyone who needs s jump start to feeling better and’or weight loss. On Sunday I was positively glowing!

Mary Anne B.

I am a new person ! Each day I gained more and more clarity, focus, energy and peace. Creativity skyrocketing. Cobwebs cleared. My true path revealed and beckoning. Scientific yet magical. Last night I slept not a wink due to so much energy and ideas of how to implement this fun new exciting life I have been given like a gift. Many long overdue changes finally now come with flow and ease. Seemingly overnight ( 6 little days)…. my awakening . Remember the feeling as a child when you woke up and morning smiled? It’s time . It’s time you felt like that again.

Tess R.

Meowga! Saturday, 19th August 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Join us for a purrfect way to relax – Yin Yoga (a relaxing stretching floor yoga) with ADOPTABLE Cats provided by the SPCA. Click Here to reserve your spot or call 3321.749.9642. There is no charge for this class, if you like to leave a donation it will be appreciated by the SPCA and Inverted Elephant.