Our Studio, Our Community

We serve our community as beacons of healing, compassion and light. Our mission is to provide pure healing and relaxing yoga, offered by skillful, goodhearted people in a clean and nurturing environment. We are passionate about, and committed to providing a relaxing, non-judgmental environment to everybody.

Beatrice Phillips, Owner

Beatrice started practicing Hot Yoga in 2005  due to chronic lower back problems. She couldn’t even do half the postures and was in a lot of pain during practice. But she also found that she could sleep at night not being kept up by pain! She tried the yoga for 30 days to see what would happen, and never looked back.

At the time, Beatrice a certified Microsoft System Engineer (MCSE, MCT, MCSA, MCP+I), author and trainer, was traveling extensively worldwide and would seek out Hot Yoga (Bikram) studios in every city she visited from Europe to Asia, finding them to be a safe haven. Beatrice decided that one day when she’d grow up, she wanted to offer the same experience and healing yoga to others. Beatrice took the nine week rigorous Bikram Yoga Training in 2010 and was mentored in and taught Bikram Yoga in Frankfurt, Germany and Pune, India. In 2013 she studied the Bishnu Gosh Lineage Hatha Yoga under Tony Sanchez  in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

She is still looking forward to the day when she will touch her forehead to her toes. Beatrice teaches Hot classes and Yin Yoga.

Donna Trantham, Senior Teacher

Donna has a long and distinguished history in physically teaching and practicing many diverse forms of exercise and yoga. In 1984 she began her teaching career with aerobics, step aerobics, and many other popular “gym” classes, including other forms of yoga. She discovered Bikram Yoga in 2000 and knew from her first class that “This is what I had been looking for in my past exercises. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I feel like Bikram Yoga has made me a better person, all around.”

Donna attended the Spring 2001 Teacher Training, and opened the original Bikram Yoga Titusville, in 2002. As with many of us, Donna suffered a lot of pain and discomfort from these other types of exercises and an accident that took a long time to heal. “It felt worse before it got better,” she says, “but one by one, (and in their own time), I feel like I am healing every part of myself that needs it.” Donna specifically teaches hot classes only.

Jacquie Seltzer, Fitness Coordinater & Teacher

Jacquie is a long time resident of Titusville and fitness enthusiast her entire life. Jacquie has been in the fitness world for over 25 year and holds just about any certification on any fitness craze the spread across America from Aerobics to Zoomba to Vinyasa Yoga. When you come take a class from Jacquie you will know that you are working with a true professional that cares about your safety and well being. Jacquie holds a  group exercise certification with aerobic fitness Association of America as well.. Jacquie teaches the BeyondBarre class as well as gentle Vinyasa flow in the silver series. Everyone is welcome to her classes, she will make you feel comfortable and right at home.


Lindsay Bannister, Teacher

Lindsay is a Titusville native who began her yoga passion with her natural affinity towards meditation and mindfulness. Seeking avenues to calm the mind intensely since 2001, she first discovered Hatha “gym yoga” some time later in early 2009. The classes provided such a breakthrough in her practice of meditation she pursued it passionately.

After traveling to North Carolina and acquiring her 200 hour Hatha Teacher certification and certification in Yin Yoga; she returned home to Titusville to put her studies to good use. She is inspired by the breakthroughs in the practices of others. A strong teacher in flow styles utilizing the breath, she ties in visuals of the elements for each class that help to naturally bring the mind into the present moment. Lindsay teaches gentle Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.